The offer of our company

The core business of Rusztowania Chrzanowski Sp. z o.o. involves ALLROUND specialist modular scaffolding systems by LAYHER, used during construction and repair of large buildings, power facilities, chemical plants, lumber mill facilities and cement mill structures.

The secret of company’s thriving growth is its investment in highly qualified personnel. Our staff features professional qualifications for scaffolding assembly as well as experience and spatial imagination to implement tasks in an efficient and cost effective way. Fast but safely – this is our approach.

Our services are for those who consider professionalism and quality a priority.


Our services include:

Scaffolding assembly and rental:

– spatial scaffolding,
– facade scaffolding,
– suspended scaffolding,
– supported scaffolding,
– mobile scaffolding.

Repair and emergency service.

Scaffolding earthing.
Scaffolding side covers (canvas, nets).
Scaffolding structures design.

Scaffolding transportation. Interested? Please contact us at our headquarters in Puławy.

Rusztowania Chrzanowski Sp. z o.o.
Grupa RCH Scaffolding Sp. z o.o.
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24-110 Puławy
tel./fax. 0-81/473-13-33